Terms & Conditions


All communication will be done via email, not social media or text. The client is free to schedule a call at any time to go over details about their project if speaking over the phone works better.

Working business days are Monday-Friday unless you have been scheduled for an appointment on weekends. You can expect an email reply from the designer within 24-72 hours regarding your project. Customer service hours are M-F 11 am – 6 pm EST unless you have scheduled to book a special client call.


Once your order has been placed, please keep in mind that additional information “may” be requested from you in order to complete this project. Please look for an email from taina@xfinityvirtualsolutions within 24-48 hours of your order being placed. The email from Taina will walk you through the next steps for you to provide your content for the project/agreement policy.

All content from the client is due within one week of placing their order. If the content from the client is not received within the one-week time frame, this means that the project will be delayed and can lead up to cancelation. The turnaround time for the project begins ONCE ALL CONTENT IS PROVIDED FROM THE CLIENT.

content such as (flyers, graphics, templates)


A form of payment must be made before a project is started. If you pay for your project in full, you are good to go. If you start with a deposit, there will be 1 remaining payment to be made after the first payment.

Once the work is complete, and the client has approved all of the design work, the client will own all rights to the work produced after the final payment. All of the client’s design files will be delivered via email. And if the client wishes to use additional services in the future, or needs any revisions done to any approved work that has been completed, an additional fee will be due at that time.


If a legal “Act of God” occurs during your project (ex: fire, flood, computer/hardware damage, death in the family, etc.) The client will be notified to discuss new deadlines for the project.


Xfinity Virtual Solutions or the client can choose to terminate the project at any time if it is not a good fit. If either party does agree to terminate the project, the client will still be responsible for half the service fees IF the client had not already paid in full or IF the designer has not begun the project already. If the designer did begin the project, the client will be responsible for the TOTAL COST of the project, with no exceptions! Our time is valuable.


Xfinity Virtual Solutions will have portfolio rights to share the completed work designed on social media and the business website. This will be used for self-promotion.


Pre-made websites are non-refundable once a purchase is made you are not allowed to trade this service for any other service or pre-made once it has been bought. You are able to change the banner colors & etc once given access.